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18 May 2024

Digital Detox – Best Methods To Avoid Cell Phones

Digital Detox – Whether it’s right after waking up in the morning, on the bus or train, or during the lunch break – we constantly look at our cell phones throughout the day. Our smartphone regularly demands attention with vibration, blinking lights, and whistling sounds. Just check the news, check the emails and see what’s been happening on social media, and you’ll lose yourself in the endless possibilities that cell phones and the internet offer.

In the meantime, the smartphone, which is so practical, is often perceived as a burden. Stress, problems falling asleep and lack of concentration can be the consequences. Many cite the trend of digital detox to find peace again as a solution to this problem.

What Is Digital Detox?

Digital Detox is a method to reduce the excessive use of digital media. Within a certain period, digital devices such as smartphones, televisions or PCs should be avoided entirely to reduce stress and spend more time in real life again.

Why Digital Detox?

According to studies, we look at our cell phones around 200 times on average. Many of the actions that are taken take less than 30 seconds. Scientists suggest that looking at the cell phone is now automated, and we don’t always make a conscious decisions. In addition, mobile phones are now taking on more and more functions. They function as a camera, alarm clock, recipe book, shopping list, city map, calendar, etc. So it happens that we want to take a quick look at the time, for example, and then, when the cell phone is already in our hands, we also quickly check social media or something similar. Many people use their smartphones for an average of 3 to 5 hours daily.

Extreme stress from digital media.

The so-called fear of missing out has become more and more of a term connected to smartphone. Suppose you can’t look at your cell phone for too long, and the fear of missing important news or the latest social media trends increases. It means a high level of stress. In the worst case, the permanent digital stress can lead to burnout.

It is, therefore, advisable to observe and reconsider your smartphone behavior. Below we give you some tips on reducing your time spent using digital media with a digital detox.

Cell Phone Detox Tips: How To Be Less On The Phone?

Preparing For The Digital Detox

Before your cell phone and internet detox, make it clear what will change in your everyday life due to less smartphone use. Ask yourself questions like how you can keep in touch with other people, what you want to do with time instead of media use, and how long you want your online detox to be. It’s best to plan some activities that you enjoy and are suitable for you, such as game nights with friends or nature walks.

Digital Detox App

It probably sounds a little paradoxical at first. Use an app to spend less time on the phone. There are digital detox apps that record how often you unlock your phone and how long you actively use your smartphone. It can be shocking for some smartphone users but also insightful. Having your usage behavior written down in black and white can be the first step in motivating yourself to do a cell phone detox.

Digital Detox On Vacation

A holiday is an ideal time to start a digital detox cure. You are at a distance from your usual environment and your typical daily routine, to which the use of digital media is often linked. A trip is also the time to take extra care of yourself and your needs, and when many other exciting activities are possible. Make sure not to fall back into old habits immediately after the media detox on vacation. Use this time to reflect on your usage behavior and, if necessary, to change it in the long term in everyday life.

Smartphone-Free Zones And Times

For your digital detox, setting times when you simply switch off your smartphone is helpful. The phases shortly after getting up are best suited to start the day rested and stress-free or after a specific time in the evening to calm down. Thanks to digital detoxification, your sleep quality can demonstrably improve

Restful Sleep Thanks To Digital Detox

To avoid temptation and to achieve an even more relaxing effect, ban digital devices from the bedroom and make it a smartphone-free zone. Gradually, you can decide not to use your smartphone in other places, such as on public transport or during your lunch break. The most important thing here is to stick to your specifications, which requires discipline, especially at the beginning.

Outsource Functions

You should outsource certain services to avoid being so dependent on the mobile phone. Get an alarm clock so that the first thing you do when you wake up is not your smartphone. You can generally consider which areas you can fall back on analogue aids.

Inform The Environment About Your Digital Detox

A digital detox of messenger services like WhatsApp may seem problematic at first. Studies have found that 57% of users expect an immediate response to a message they send. Of course, that creates enormous stress. To counteract this, you can tell your acquaintances that you are trying to spend less time on the phone and that it may take a while before you answer. Only answer messages when you have time to counteract this pressure and stress. You’ll likely find that nothing wrong happens because of your digital abstinence, even if you don’t respond to the news immediately.

Leave Your Smartphone At Home

For a digital detox, leaving your smartphone at home when you are out and about makes sense. Because if you don’t have your mobile phone with you, you can’t look at it all the time and escape the pressure of being available all the time. At first, this can be very unfamiliar and feel strange. But after a while, you will realize how relieving it can be.

Fewer Tones, Fewer Push Notifications

Cell phones and apps are programmed to lure you repeatedly to your cell phone. If you have a new message, new followers, likes or if one of your acquaintances has uploaded a new picture, you will be informed at any time by looking at push messages. Often accompanied by vibration and tones, curiosity and the need to check whether you are missing anything grow. It causes a lot of distraction from other tasks in everyday life.


So you see, even today, a digital detox is anything but impossible. With simple tricks and a little discipline, you can reduce your use of digital media and live a less stressful life. It can be worth observing how often and for how long you use digital media. If the smartphone usually means stress, pressure and distraction from essential things for you, then it is time for a little break from digital media and digital deceleration.

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