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18 May 2024

Game Advertising – Profitable Marketing Strategies

Game Advertising – Gaming has conquered its place in everyday life and has long since left the niche existence of the past. In-game advertising thus offers excellent potential for interestingly addressing customers. Advertisers can reach a broad audience by placing ads in games for smartphones. Game developers can seamlessly integrate digital experiences into the games. In-game advertising for Casino 777 Switzerland is also conceivable. Many advertisers are unaware that mobile in-game advertising can be planned and evaluated like classic digital advertising.

Play When And Where You Want

Playing when and where you want is now almost de rigueur. Of course, it’s also a brilliant way to pass the time during boring waiting times. It can be the case, for example, on the way to school, at university, on the train or the bus. The lunch break also invites you to a simple game. The play has always been something that has been normal for children and contributes to their development, but in adulthood, space seems to have lost some of its importance. But then digitization found its way into everyday life, and with it, the urge to play in the adult world was reawakened. Playing is both relaxing and a highly engaging pastime.

The app stores also provide a large selection of games for download for every genre. In the meantime, smartphone games have long been able to keep up with consoles and desktop games in terms of quality. In addition, the game developers have succeeded in emotionally connecting the user with excellent stories. It challenges the user to achieve top performance and is a guarantee that the user will return to the game. Gaming is a full-attention medium. The players pay full attention to the games accordingly. It’s especially great when we play together as a team.

Gaming Offers An Emotional Experience

If you realize that over five million offers are available to users in the app stores, then it is certainly not that easy to make a choice here. The selection is vast in all areas, which applies to learning languages ​​and instruments. The fitness status can also be checked and improved at any time, thanks to a corresponding app. Thanks to the enormous contingent of game apps from all genres, you can experience something new daily. The game apps available for free download in the Google Play Store are top-rated.

Developers have opened up many games to advertisers and agencies. The ads are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay. For example, campaign content is programmed into the game via native integration. In this way, the product is directly integrated into the course of the game. Good examples of native integration in the game are a branded perimeter ad in a racing game or a specific brand sweater for a character. In the meantime, however, a few luxury fashion brands have discovered computer games to present their collections.

In the Animal Crossing video game, users were able to get hold of the looks from Valentino’s womenswear and menswear spring collection for their characters. The Marc Jacobs label also contributes styles for the same game. Advertising in games has an enormous advantage because the users do not feel disturbed by the ads. There are analyses by the consulting agency which clearly showed that most players are not bothered by the ads in the free games, as long as the game is still available for free download. There was also no discernible impact on player abandonment or dropout rates when ads were placed in games.

Lots Of Creative Options

The ads in the games can be planned just like classic digital advertising. Complex performance values ​​show how effective these campaign components are. A format is not specified for in-game advertising. However, some advertising media work particularly well because of their interactive possibilities.

For example, motion interstitials are individualized animations of an existing advertising medium. They ensure a high click-through rate. A branded playable ad offers users interactive and emotional fun. It is also an invitation to interact directly with the brand or message.

In the playable ads, you always rely on a distinctive element of the brand, such as a beverage can, tires, ice cream toppings and much more. They are then implemented in an entertaining, entertaining and interactive mini-game.

Optimal results are offered on the smartphone or tablet through interaction with the brand at the moment of playout. It is also particularly advantageous that mobile devices provide a tactile surface for interaction. Neither a TV spot nor a print ad can be clicked or swiped. In this way, the ad is playfully fixed in the user’s memory. The playable ad can also be placed on all digital platforms to increase its reach. It can also be shared via the users’ social media channels.

Gameloft for Brands developed an example of a playable ad that achieves excellent results and creates an optimal interaction between the customer and the advertising material for the customer Kellogg’s. A total of four mini-games were designed for the brand with the mascot Toucan Sam. Here, users were encouraged to play with Sam on YouTube. The mini-games achieved 5 million impressions during the campaign period. The engagement rate was 40 per cent, and the replay rate feature.


Computer and video games are top-rated. As already mentioned, this is not a hobby that teenagers primarily pursue, and it has been shown that in 2020 a total of 58% of Germans between the ages of 6 and 69 regularly play computer or video games. Both male and female players are equally represented here.

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