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21 Jul 2024

Healthy Mind – Exercises To Relax The Mind And Body

Healthy Mind – Confinement, changes in routine and lack of coexistence with family and friends cause many people to suffer from anxiety. It’s normal to be tired of what we thought would last a few weeks or months, and it’s getting longer. For this reason, in today’s blog, we want to share some exercises to relax your mind and body that will help you cope with this pandemic fatigue. Keep reading or consult our Master in Meditation and Mindfulness.

How To Do Exercises To Relax The Mind And Body In The Face Of The Pandemic?

The state of mental fatigue, apathy, and sadness endure seeing that the virus is still among us. It could be said that the threatening situation still conditions our lives, causing us to fear contagion and that of our loved ones. Likewise, the uncertainty of losing your job or receiving less income makes tranquility and peace of mind get out of hand. For this reason, it is time to learn to care for ourselves in every way. Also, to practice all the exercises that make us feel better and achieve a sense of well-being. Next, we will tell you how to handle this crisis in the best way.

Do Sports And Breathing Exercises

It is well known that playing sports calms any anxiety symptoms. Also, the abdominal breathing used in yoga relaxes the mind and body. This diaphragmatic breathing is also done when practicing some physical activity, which reduces the heart rate. It’s easy to do, inflate your belly on inspiration and deflate it on exhalation.

Meditate 10 Minutes A Day

When anxiety or moments of stress arrive, the sympathetic nervous system is activated. It causes the heart rate and muscle tension to increase since the body understands that it is in a threatening situation. However, with exercises to relax the mind and body, such as yoga and meditation, the brain levels that induce us to calm are changed. With this, we will have the ability to solve any complicated situation.

Say Positive Affirmations As Exercises To Calm The Mind

Positive affirmations are mantras, visualizations, or phrases we say to ourselves to feel more capable of doing something. These help control crises and anticipatory anxiety and reprogram the mind to negative thoughts. Also, they help detect feared situations that generate discomfort and interpretations outside of reality.

Sleep Between 10 To 8 Hours

Exercise is essential to feel good and reduce heart rate and muscle tension. However, diet and restful sleep are also necessary. It is so because anxiety or depression can cause problems falling asleep, and sleeping poorly makes us feel more tired or irritated. Therefore, if you have insomnia problems, create a sleep routine that allows you to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Ask For Help

The lack of social contact affects and can generate isolation, a feeling of anguish and anxiety. If this is ongoing, seek professional help or talk to friends about your concerns. It will give you tools to manage discomfort and deal with uncomfortable situations.

Tips To Keep A Healthy And Young Mind

To sustain a healthy mind, it is essential to lead a lifestyle that facilitates the strengthening of cognitive reserve and compensates for the effects of old age. To achieve this, we provide you with some valuable recommendations.

Hang Out With Friends And Family

Meetings with friends and family are very favorable for emotional and cerebral well-being. Although now the COVID restrictions do not allow it as much, he uses video calls for it. It is essential because keeping in touch with other people is a great way to enrich yourself intellectually because it is a cognitive challenge. And it is that while you talk with another person, you must pay attention to the information they transmit and remember and identify the most crucial thing they have told you.

Play Board Games For A Healthy Mind

When we play, the endorphins that make us feel happy increase. Or serotonin that helps us reduce stress. However, it is best to choose games that make us think, such as chess, crossword, sudoku, and word search puzzles. In addition to having a fun time, we concentrate and encourage logical thinking. Thus, we develop new neuronal interconnections and protect the brain from cognitive deterioration.

Memorization Exercises

Memory loss is one of the initial signs of the passage of time that we notice the most. To do this, we propose a solution to prevent this from happening. You can learn a song, the shopping list or your favorite poem. It will be beneficial to you.

Learn Something New Every Day

We are learning something new favors neuronal plasticity because our brain creates new nerve connections, thus maintaining the agility of the mind.

It would help if you studied a new language, learned new cooking recipes or did things differently. For example, change your route to work, do something with your hand you don’t usually use, or go places you haven’t been before. In addition to this list, the basics for a healthy mind are sleeping between 8 to 10 hours, having a balanced diet and exercising regularly.


When we put ‘our mind blank’, what experts call the default neural network is activated. This network connects two parts of our brain: the hippocampus (which stores memory) and the prefrontal cortex (involved in decision-making). It is a vital mechanism for us. Therefore, it is essential for our memory that we learn to relax. The best way to do this is to start doing meditation or yoga.

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