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21 Jul 2024

Why Is Holistic Training Important? – The Major Advantages

Holistic Training – Fitness, health, and positive charisma cannot be separated from one another. Or, as the ancient Romans already knew: ” You also slow down the age-related muscle loss that begins as early as 30. Bones, joints, and ligaments are also strengthened. Regular physical training not only strengthens and promotes bodily functions but also affects inner satisfaction and a positive self-image.


Sometimes women worry that upper body training is unfeminine or exposes masculine muscles. You then limit yourself to the stomach, legs, and buttocks. They underestimate the important functions of the entire upper body musculature. Women only develop super strong muscles with very long and intensive training – and you can control that yourself. In addition, women build less muscle mass due to hormones.

Upper body training is an important part of full body training. A harmonious body image is maintained if you train all body parts evenly. Upper body holistic training focuses on the muscles of the chest, back, abdomen, arms, and shoulders. So if you combine abs, legs, and buttocks with training the back muscles, shoulders, and arms, you are on the safe side.

Do you know the dreaded “wave arms”? Flabby, flabby skin flaps on the upper arm look ugly. They are the result of weak muscles in the upper arm. If you train the arm muscles, shoulders, and chest, your arms will stay toned, strong, and shapely. Strong chest muscles tighten the breasts! By the way, most women appreciate a little strength in their arms for everyday tasks such as opening glasses, carrying the bike up the stairs, and many other activities.

Why Is Upper Body Training Just As Important As Leg Training?

Upper body Holistic training is a necessary part of full body training. Regular training converts fat tissue into muscle tissue. It is well known that fat in the middle of the body is associated with a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

With a push-up or bicep curls, you train several upper body muscle groups with chest, arm, and shoulder muscles. Instead of limiting yourself to abs, legs, and butt, please pay attention to the muscular balance of the entire body.

Of course, this also includes training the legs appropriately for men and not just because of the more harmonious body image and firm buttocks. After all, the legs bear the brunt of the body. They stabilize the torso in many exercises, such as weight lifting and bench press. With strong legs, you lift more weight! Incidentally, the large leg muscles consume calories and provide a clear afterburn effect. With many leg exercises, you also train your sense of balance.

It is always appropriate to combine endurance training with muscle building. First, this reduces the risk of injury. Because meaningful endurance training leads to an improved supply of the muscles, it also improves overall training performance during upper body workouts.

Full-body training should also be part of the training plan for runners. For sprinters, well-trained shoulders ensure maximum propulsion. Stable abdominal and back muscles reduce the impact load on the spine when running. At the same time, it ensures good power transmission. Basic fitness is also beneficial for movements in everyday life. What applies to athletic running can also be applied to everyday movements.

Whole Body Workout Or Split Workout – What Suits Me?

Full-body training trains all muscle groups during a workout, often in just one exercise. A split workout means that you alternately limit yourself to a few muscle groups per training session, for example, stomach, legs, butt, and the next day your legs or shoulders and arms. Both forms of training have advantages and disadvantages.Whole Body Workout

Disadvantages of full-body training: It is easy to make mistakes with complex exercises. Inexperienced people train too intensively, for example, or do not carry out the exercises carefully. It can be counteracted with personal training under professional supervision. Disadvantages of split workouts: Muscular imbalances can occur more easily. The calorie consumption is also lower. For this form of training, you need experience and a certain fitness level as a basis on which you can build.

Advantage of full-body training: balanced training of all muscle groups positively affects the entire metabolism. Calorie consumption is increased. This training is particularly suitable for beginners.

The advantage of the split workout is that you work on physical weaknesses with split training. It is considered the most effective training for body shaping. You have better control options if you want to shape your body in a targeted manner.

Reach Your Goal Faster With Personal Holistic Training?

Which form of Holistic training suits you best depends on your preferences, possibilities, and goals. You can also mix both forms of training or practice them alternately.

If you have been training for a long time and now want to set training stimuli for specific regions of your body, you will reach your goal faster with split training. You concentrate on these regions and train them with high frequency. However, this only works if you can easily integrate a high training frequency into your everyday life.

For beginners and newcomers to training, balanced training of the whole body is always the first choice. In this way, they continuously build up strength and fitness. Even advanced lifters who can’t find time to strength train at least four to five times a week can get good results from total-body training, maybe even better than split training. But, of course, endurance athletes should combine their sport with a muscle-strengthening full-body workout anyway.


Holistic training – Stomach Legs Butt is good. However, it is important to train the abdomen and back muscles evenly. The abdominal and back muscles act as opponents. They stabilize the spine, ensure good posture and counteract postural damage. With an upright posture, your female figure comes into its own! You appear and feel more confident.

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