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21 Jul 2024

Hyaluronic Acid – The Best Cure For Dark Circles

Hyaluronic acid for dark circles is one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments today. But, as they say, the look is the reflection of the soul, and when our dark circles and bags are more than visible, they do not reflect anything positive. Instead, we seem tired, exhausted, and sad even though we slept more than 8 hours the night before.

Dark circles can be genetic, environmental, or our lifestyle. However, temporary dark circles are easily reducible by improving our habits (sleeping better, hydrating ourselves well, eliminating or consuming certain foods).

Hyaluronic Acid Application Procedure In The Dark Circles

The first step is to consult specialists who will advise us if our case is suitable for applying hyaluronic acid in dark circles. If we have large bags, for example, perhaps we should opt for a procedure to eliminate them, such as blepharoplasty, before focusing on applying more volume in that area.Hyaluronic Acid

After the initial consultation and when we decide to carry out the treatment, we must be aware that the application will usually be carried out in two sessions, the first in which most of the filler will be applied and a second session in which we will review and retouch it. Typically between both sessions, 15 days are left to see how we respond to the treatment.

In the first session, a cannula may insert hyaluronic acid into the eye area. This means that, with a single puncture, the hyaluronic acid distributes throughout the entire area where the doctor deems it necessary.

Different Method

Although for a moment, we think that the doctor injects the hyaluronic acid directly into the dark circles near the tear duct, it is done much lower, almost attached to the beginning of the cheekbone, so that with the needle or the cannula, they can reach right to this area and apply it longitudinally, fan type.

The feeling is not too bothersome. As if we were pinching the skin with our nails and introducing hyaluronic acid, it is an unusual sensation, but it does not bother us. The level of pain can be classified as low.

Both before and after, the doctor will disinfect the area and may apply a cream (even with vitamin C) that will make it less noticeable that we are not wearing makeup.

Results After The Hyaluronic Acid Treatment In The Dark Circles

After its application, we will have a clear vision of the result. Then, as marks of the treatment, we will have a point from which the injection is made, which will seem little more than a small acne mark or a small pimple, nothing obvious.

It is possible that due to the injection itself, there is a small capillary that breaks, so we can have a bruise that will disappear after a few days. It is less common with cannula application, but we must consider the possibility and avoid undergoing the treatment just before an event. Better to anticipate at least a week.

The next day we will notice the area a little more swollen than usual, and as we have mentioned, some bruising may appear. Apart from this, they will recommend we avoid physical exercise during that day. It is because at least as soon as we apply the hyaluronic acid treatment, it is better to prevent the correct dark circles.

After about two weeks, we will have to go to a review, where depending on the result achieved, they may recommend us to do some retouching or even leave it as it is.

The doctor will be the “artist” who shapes our dark circles or blurs them by applying the exact amount of filler where we need it. It is one of those treatments where the experience of the person using it is key to not exceeding the amounts involved and making the result unnatural. Therefore, if possible, always ask for before and after samples of patients to get a clear idea of ​​how the doctor you trust works.

Hyaluronic Acid Brands For Dark Circles

Each doctor usually works with certain brands according to their experience. Although there are many brands of hyaluronic acid on the market. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid that diffuses more easily is usable for its application in the area under the eyes, which is something that interests us in an area such as the area the eyes where we are not looking to gain a large volume.

Price And Duration Of Hyaluronic Acid For Dark Circles

Those who consider resorting to hyaluronic acid for the dark circle’s area. And as in the case of brands, it depends on the clinic we go to. Usually, it depends on the necessary vials for the treatment, varying between 1 and 2 ml for the deepest dark circles.

The duration is also variable since it depends on how long it takes for our body to reabsorb the hyaluronic acid from the dark circles, usually around a year. Still, it could be less (be careful with sun exposure) or even not need a subsequent touch-up if it is a mild case.


One of the primary roots of dark circles is an improper sleep schedule. It causes many imbalances in the skin’s layers that troubles the skin. When it comes to a permanent case, it is time to resort to treatment for dark circles, such as hyaluronic acid fillers in the dark circles. Although there is the option of applying a solvent for hyaluronic acid fillers in case the treatment does not turn out as expected, it is always better to avoid putting yourself in that situation.

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