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18 May 2024
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Indoor Plants – Top Picks To Make Your Home Beautiful

Indoor Plants – If you are one of those members who wants to fill your home with plants, but you do not know which are the best option to be indoors, do not miss our blog. We present a guide to the five exotic plants that give more life and energy to home spaces and are easy to care for. So, start enjoying the beauty of nature without going so far or learn to decorate all kinds of places and gardens with original species with our Master in Gardening .

What are the exotic plants that can be inside the house?

Plants are always a good option when it comes to decoration because, in addition to hydrating and purifying the environment, they give an original touch to our interiors. Exotic types of plants are often  difficult to care for and rarely grow indoors. This is a myth, these plants require care and have certain special needs, although not more than those required by other more well-known plants. Therefore, today we tell you about 5 plants that with a little patience and perseverance will thrive in the corners of your home.

Zebra Plant – Indoor Plants

The  Aphelandra squarrosa or zebra plant is composed of large emerald green leaves with white lines that resemble the stripes of a zebra. It has bracts that generate a cloud of bright yellow flowers that, despite their short duration, are amazing.

This plant grows in the humid forests of Brazil, but it stays very well in the house. It is because of regular moistening. Also, so that it does not lose its shine, you can clean its leaves regularly with a damp cloth.


The sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the most resistant, beautiful and easy to care for indoor plants that exist. In addition, they help purify the air in the room, since at night they transform carbon dioxide into oxygen.

The care that this plant requires is very basic. The only thing it needs is a bright place where it does not have direct light, although it can live in spaces with little light, but it will grow to a lesser extent. As for spraying, you should do it when the substrate is dry, but avoid that the water puddles and do not spray its leaves.

Medinilla, Exotic Plant

These plants are found in remote and exotic places in the Philippines, Sumatra, Java and Madagascar. The Medinilla magnifica variety originates specifically from the Philippines and Java. Actually, cultivating it has its degree of difficulty, but if you make it feel comfortable in your house, it will give you beautiful hanging flowers. They are quite a spectacle of nature.Medinilla

Being a tropical species, it needs a temperature not lower than 15ºC and light. To water it, all you have to do is keep the substrate moist.

Elephant Ears – Indoor Plants

The best known as elephant ears are named after Alocasia Amazonica. The foliage of this houseplant is glossy, dark green with gray-green veins. Although its flowers are not as showy, the leaves make up for it.

Like the exotic zebra houseplants they need a lot of moisture, however they should be planted in a pot with holes to allow the water to drain away and prevent root rot. Also, regular misting of the leaves has a dual purpose, to add moisture and keep the plant free from spider mite attacks.

Orchids (Phalaenopsis Spp)

From all over the world of plants to decorate, orchids are one of the most exotic and common in homes due to their elegance and beauty. Phalaenopsis, for example, is ideal because it is not too complex to grow. It is native to Southeast Asia and to flourish it needs a humid environment and a bright location without direct sun. So, place it near a window on a transparent pot with special soil for orchids. Water it once a week and take care that no waterlogging occurs.


Indoor Plants decoration has lot of craze in the market. Many people are keen to invest more on interior designing rather than the exterior one. However, the availability of plants in the houses makes it way too beautiful. Above given are some of the top pick of plants for you.

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