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21 Jul 2024

Sports Injuries – Major Classification Of Injuries

Sports Injuries – When you practice any physical activity, you are subject to sports injuries that can affect your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Today we want to show you the types of injuries and the problems they can cause in your body. Keep reading or learn about sports medicine with our master’s degree.

How Many Types Of Sports Injuries Are There And What Are They?

Sports injuries can be classified as acute or chronic. The former occurs suddenly, such as fractures or sprains. Its most typical symptoms are sudden pain, swelling and difficulty moving. These also cause inflammation and often cause pain, even when you are at rest.

Below, we show you the most common injuries related to sports practice.

Muscle Injuries

Overexertion, violent movements, etc., generate muscle injuries. Depending on the sport practiced and the most demanded muscle groups, the following types will be produced:


It is a blow to the muscle that causes inflammation, pain and bruising.

Electric Shock

The muscle contracts out of nowhere and shortens for a few moments. However, it generates pain that can calm down with specific stretches.


In this case, the muscle contracts suddenly and is maintained over time, causing pain and limiting movement.


It is generated when the muscle is stretched more than necessary. It causes diffuse pain that lasts over time.

Muscle Tear

In this sports injury, one or more muscle tissue fibers are broken. However, its severity will depend on the extent of the damage and its duration. The pain is sharp and localized; the most severe cause is near immobility of the muscle.

Tendons And Sports Injuries

They affect the tendons, and their cause is due to discoloration, the use of inappropriate sports equipment, or improper repetitive movements, among others. The most commons are:

Insertion For Tendonitis

It is characterized by the inflammation of the insertions of the tendons in the bone due to fibrillar micro tears caused by overload.


In this case, the body of the tendon is usually inflamed, although it can also affect the sheath or the peritendon.

Partial Break

It usually occurs in the longest tendons and is characterized by the breakage of a few fibers.

Complete Break

The tendon is completely torn. It usually happens to most veteran athletes.


The tendon is displaced from its natural position by making some movements. However, it is a rare sports injury.

Joints Damaged By Injuries

Joint sports injuries can affect the bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, synovial membrane or bursae. In Addition, they are involved as follows:


Bone joint injuries can be fractures and dislocations, which cause one of the bones that make up the joint to move out of its normal position.


Among the most frequent injuries is chondromalacia, which is the alteration of the cartilage as a result of trauma, and osteochondritis, which is the inflammation of the cartilage.

Synovial Membrane

It is a membrane that covers the entire joint to protect it and is filled with synovial fluid. Synovitis is an irritation of the inflammation of the membrane due to a blow, a sprain or poor posture. However, it roots an increase in the volume of synovial fluid.


They are soft structures between the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones that make up the joint. These prevent friction of the bones during movement and cushion the pressure exerted on the joint. The most common injury is bursitis, which can become chronic. In addition, it is caused by contusions, repetitive movements and continuous pressure on it.


Injuries are a portion of life for any athlete. There are various kinds of sports injuries depending on the type of sport. On the contrary, chronic injuries have a slower development since the repetition of the same movement produces them for a long time.

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