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15 Jun 2024

Nature Wellness – Hacks To Improve The Mind And Body

Nature Wellness – Nature can be a simple helper to give your inner self a mindful respite. After all, countless places, plants and other sources of energy are waiting outside, which pass on their positive effects to those who need a push for mental and physical health. We introduce you to seven unusual natural helpers for your mental reload:

Back To Nature With “Earthing”

Connecting with the earth – what sounds a little too spiritual for some piques the curiosity of open-minded nature lovers. ” Earthing ” or ” Grounding ” aims to use the natural earth energy for your health. According to scientific studies, the electromagnetic quality of the earth’s surface can even sustainably improve human well-being.

“Earthing” is intended to restore the body’s natural essential bioelectrical state by walking barefoot for a long time (about 80 minutes) on earth. Due to everyday life and environmental influences, for example, electrical devices pick up unwanted electrodes that cause tiredness and stress. When walking barefoot on stones, in the damp grass or on the beach, a natural energy exchange takes place that gives the body new power.

Phytotherapy – Healing Aids From The Bed

Phytotherapy builds on the healing properties of plants. The ancient Egyptians used poppies to combat insomnia or rose water to reduce stress; balloon flower roots or Sanchi roots were used as medicinal herbs in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to combat depression several thousand years ago, and in Europe in the Middle Ages, monastery gardens served as the first cultivation area for mood enhancers such as St. John’s wort or lemon balm.

Whether for physical or mental health – the run on natural remedies is still significant today. Iranian researchers suggested that rosemary may help relieve anxiety, depression, mood and sleep disorders. Even Hollywood stars swear by the relaxing effect of cannabidiol (CBD) in oils.

Fragrant Well-Being With Natural Aroma Therapy

Essential oils are a real emotion booster. The soothing scents help as aroma therapy against stress, nervousness, and sleep disorders. Scientific studies show that even depression can be alleviated in this way. Flavors send positive signals to the brain’s limbic system, which is the center of emotions and hormone production. The essential oils unfold their effect in the form of compresses or massages.

Using scented candles is also a popular way to brighten the mood, especially in the dark, cold season. Lemon balm, jasmine or rose geranium are other aromas to counteract cloudy thoughts. If you want to sniff your nose in the garden, on the balcony or in the kitchen, you can start with rosemary, peppermint or lavender.

“Breathwork” – Take A Deep Breath

Nothing is more natural than your breathing. Without you realizing it, the human body takes around 20,000 breaths daily. Apart from the fact that life would not be possible without breathing, the supply of oxygen is also an essential means of increasing productivity and reducing stress. The so-called ” breathwork ” aims to live more consciously to improve one’s vitality and to bring body and mind into harmony.

A classic breathwork session usually lasts between 30 and 90 minutes and creates a kind of deliberate hyperventilation through accelerated and deep breathing in and out. That’s why beginners should try this mindset technique under professional guidance. Pregnant or suffering from health problems such as high blood pressure, increased eye pressure, or cardiovascular problems should avoid doing breathwork altogether.

If all this seems too complex, try the light variant of the breathing workout at home. For example, a simple breathing technique for quick comedowns is “Extended Exhales”. The eyes are closed, and the concentration is directed inwards. To get into the groove, you consciously breathe in and out normally for a few minutes. When you feel relaxed and secure, slow the exhale three times more than the inhale until you feel comfortable. The best place to sit or lie down for this mindfulness exercise is outside.

Relax And Dive With “Wild Swimming”

It is well known that a cold shower has a revitalizing effect on the body and mind. But a relaxing bath in nature gets the endorphins even more in the mood. The longing for freedom and seclusion has been more significant than ever since the pandemic. If you can’t clear your head in the gym or swimming pool, go out and dare to jump into the cool water somewhere. There’s something meditative about being outside, being at eye level with nature and taking in the rumors, sounds or tastes of your surroundings.

The best thing is: Apart from private lakes and stretches of beach or dangerous water points, you can plunge freely into the water almost anywhere and don’t even need special equipment. The most important rule for a happy mindset boost: Safety first! Inexperienced swimmers, in particular, should start slowly and not overestimate their stamina. It is also advisable to always go into the water where help can be found quickly. The aim is for the gentle full-body workout to affect the circulation positively and for dull everyday thoughts to disappear into the depths.

Healing And Wellness Forests As Green Pharmacies

The healing power of the forest has always been known and even scientifically proven. The so-called ” forest bathing ” has been practiced as a recognized healing method in Japan since the 1980s. The majestic natural landscapes are also attracting more and more attention in Europe when it comes to consciously letting go of everyday worries and stress.

Some places in Germany showcase the power of their forest in an extraordinary way. For example, Europe’s first official spa and healing forest can be found on the island of Sedum. The 187-hectare forest area is located in the seaside resort of Heringsdorf near the Baltic Sea. The healthy forest air and mild sea climate make this resort unique. In addition to designated paths, therapy equipment, a climbing course, and resting places are available.

Create A Wellness Oasis With Biophilic Design

If you don’t have the wellness forest right before your door, you can bring the “Green Relax” feeling into your home or office. ” Biophilia ” means “love of the living” and represents the innate affection for nature. Because not everyone has lush greenery on their doorstep, “Biophilic Design” brings character to people. Interior designers increasingly ask for suitable concepts that transform dreary interiors into green oases.

The green upgrade aims to reduce stress levels and maximize creativity. Biodynamic lights for a daylight atmosphere, green interior walls, furniture made from natural materials and, of course, a lot of flora are used to capture the natural quality of life indoors.


Nature is where we all belong. The better the atmosphere, the better the lifestyle will be. Biophilic Design creates an environment where people naturally feel comfortable and more productive. The different breathing techniques stimulate the body’s physical functions and stop the merry-go-round of thoughts by focusing on your own organism.

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