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18 May 2024

Perfect Instagram Profile – Some Major Advantages

The perfect Instagram profile consists of several aspects. It impacts other people receiving the shape and how serious it appears. In addition to the correct external “presentation,” such as the perfect user name, biography, and profile picture, the right content also plays an important role. In addition, it is crucial how you interact with followers.

Switch To Professional Account

The first step one needs to take to get the perfect Instagram profile is to convert the regular account into a “professional account.” You can do this by specifying the industry in which you work or your name. It is then displayed in the profile. It allows new visitors to the profile to see directly what the company is about. This function gives you precise information about your followers and their data (e.g., age, origin) and details about your posts or profile (e.g., number of impressions and accounts reached). The conversion to a professional profile is carried out as follows:

  • Go to the settings of your current profile
  • Select the Account button
  • Switch to a professional profile at the bottom

The Ideal Username For The Perfect Instagram Profile

A suitable Instagram username is much more important than you think because the more the account’s name resembles that of the company, the easier it is to search and find the profile.

The best approach here would be to include as few special characters as possible when creating the username and keep the name short. However, this is associated with a great deal of difficulty, as more and more people are getting an Instagram profile, and there is an ever narrower selection of user names – so don’t wait any longer and get started right away!

The Biography And Profile Picture For The Perfect Instagram Profile

The biography should provide brief and concise information about the company. The keyword “concise” should be used as a vital guide because clarity decreases if too much information is packed into the bio.

These things could be briefly mentioned. It is also possible and also very useful to indicate the official name under which the company is located. Because if you couldn’t specify the username quite as congruently as you had hoped, it doesn’t do any harm. Company-owned hashtags can also be put in the bio to promote them, which also works well because they’re obvious from the first look at the profile. Users can then be asked to post a topic-relevant photo using those hashtags.

Other Features Of The Instagram Bio

The Link Function

The link function can redirect to another page, such as the company’s online store or website. The only downside is that you can only provide one link. You can efficiently work around this problem by providing a link that leads to a landing page that has multiple pages linked from it. The link function should be exploited, as it can lead people to other social networks.

The Address

It is also possible to include an address indicating the company’s location or the registered office if there is only one specific location.

In addition to the biography, the profile picture is also an essential aspect of the positive presence. The profile picture is probably the most memorable when someone visits a profile, and in most cases, the logo is adopted, which is also highly recommended. The logo is like a trademark; everywhere you see and recognize it, it leads people’s minds to the company. It means you should try to get that trademark into people’s minds as often as possible. Because a profile picture can only be seen in a round and small form on Instagram, you should make sure when creating and selecting the photo that it is still clearly visible.

As an example, I have given the profile of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, where you can see how all the points just mentioned are taken into account and addressed:

Structured Highlights And Stories For The Perfect Instagram Profile

As is well known, stories are only visible on Instagram for 24 hours. With a professional account that you have to design and build up, there are now two questions that you have to ask yourself. Which stories do I post, and how do I structure them?

Stories are associated with transparency, authenticity, and active participation. Followers and visitors to the profile see the stories and expect vivacious posts. It sometimes shows other sides of the company. For example, short videos and photos behind the scenes, a daily routine of an employee or a production process. All these things convey transparency and make you much more attractive.

Another way to interact with people is through Q&As, which also help followers and customers get an idea of ​​what exactly is behind the company. After stories have been posted, you can take them out of the archive and into the highlights post, a sort of “folder” displayed on the profile.

Followers and other interested parties can also access the posts after 24 hours. A story is usually visible in the profile. Consequently, choosing the most suitable highlight topics and filling them with relevant reports is essential. In addition, good representative highlight cover photos and descriptions should not be forgotten. For example, issues such as questions and answers or behind-the-scenes apply to pretty much every company, and depending on the industry; suitable story highlights can be created.

What Types Of Posts Should Be Posted?

Photos have the advantages that, products are marked on the images, which are then displayed in the so-called Instagram shop. In this Instagram shop, there is the possibility of clearly listing all of your products.

Videos, IGTVs, and Reels have the advantage that they attract increased attention. Users spend longer with the content on the profile. A lot of individual information can be packaged in the videos. Additionally, posts in video form always appear in a larger format than images on the “Discover” page.  It may look more attractive and exciting. Reels have been around since mid-2021 and are similar to Tik Tok’s that are primarily designed to be funny. The significant advantage and difference of reels to regular videos or IGTVs is the algorithm by which they are listed. They are much easier to go viral and generate many views.

Keyword Added Value

Of course, it is good to deliver content from time to time that shows what is behind the product or service. But at the end of the day, you should encourage potential customers to do so with good content. The posts must always be related to what the company wants to promote and be recognizable.Interaction With Followers

The company makes itself a lot more attractive to its followers and other interested parties if it interacts with them and shows commitment. People who always follow the profile should also have the opportunity to feel that they are actively involved with the company. There are various ways to do this.

For example, one could consider the different features of Instagram Stories. Excellent and practical ideas would be here:

The Question Sticker

An open-ended question can be asked, which can be answered by anyone with access to the story.


Here you can ask a question and set up a bar with two possible answers. Not only does this feature entertain whoever is answering that question, but it can also be quite helpful in gathering feedback, opinions, or opportunities for improvement.


The advantage here is that you can increase your reach by designing the whole thing so that followers* with a bit of luck, get one of the products or services offered as a gift. In return, however, they must meet conditions the company can determine itself. It is wise to ask the target group to post the post in their own story to get more reach.

Live Videos

Someone in the company can sit in front of the camera and answer questions live. The viewers have the opportunity to find out more about the company and get prompt answers. However, you can also “go live” with another person (perhaps a well-known personality), report on a specific topic, or start a discussion group.


Instagram has a significant role in getting a glimpse of a business. A decision is made on whether the company is suitable for potential customers within a few seconds. Therefore, creating the perfect Instagram profile is essential to stand out and gain an advantage over the competition. Instagram can and must feature prominently in a company’s marketing strategy. As, the social medium has great potential and an even greater range of features to consider.

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