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15 Jun 2024

Programming Of Industrial Robots – Different Methods

Programming Of Industrial Robots – All robotic machines use systems and languages ​​to be controlled by someone who determines their operation and task. Their correct adaptation and ease of use determine the performance obtained through their programming. Although robot programming has come a long way in recent years, it still maintains essential factors in its procedures. Below are all the methods used to program robotics for a better understanding. In addition, if you want to dedicate yourself to this world professionally, don’t miss our double degree in Robotics and Industrial Automation.

What Is The Programming Of Industrial Robots?

Most industrial robots are programmed by guiding a robot from point to point through the phases of an operation, with each energy stored in the robot’s control system.

As we have said, robotics programming has come a long way since it began. But, in the end, each instruction code ends up as 1’s and 0’s within simple electronics. However, there are various ways and methods of inputting that language in the form of binary bits into the robot. Some of these ways do not require much formal programming knowledge or training.

Today, robot programming has primarily established more intuitive methods than the coding that was commonly used. This transformation has made many operators have greater ease and desire to program them.

Robotics Programming Classification

Robotic programming can have an explicit character, in which the operator is responsible for the control actions and the appropriate input instructions. Also, it can be based on modelling the outside world, when the task and the environment are described and the system makes the decisions.Robotics Programming Classification

Moreover, explicit robot programming is used in industrial applications and consists of two techniques: gesture programming and textual programming.

Schedule Robberies With Gestures

This programming consists of guiding the robot arm directly along the path it must follow. Each part of the path is recorded in memory and then repeated. Gesture programming requires the use of the manipulator in the teaching part. It works “online” and is divided into two categories.

Direct learning: In indirect programming, the arm’s endpoint translates with the help of a particular device placed on your wrist or using a master arm or dummy. Moreover, the displacements are made that, after being memorized, will be repeated by the manipulator. In addition, it has few editing possibilities since it is necessary to define many points whose reduction causes discontinuities to generate a continuous trajectory.

Teaching device: this type of programming consists of determining the actions and movements of the manipulator’s arm through an element used for this purpose. The ordered operations are tuned to make up the work schedule in this method. The teaching device comprises buttons, keys, pushbuttons, indicator lights or rotary axes.

Textual Robot Programming

The program comprises a text of instructions or sentences, the preparation of which does not require the intervention of the robot. It means that it is done “offline”. Here, the actions of the manipulated arm are not determined by the operator but are calculated, in the program, with the appropriate textual instructions.

In textual programming, the possibility of editing is total. The robot must only intervene in the final set-up. Within textual robot programming, there are two large groups with different characteristics:

  • Explicit Textual Programming.
  • Specific Textual Programming.
  • Programming Languages ​​For Robots

Most programming languages ​​are written in plain text, making them easy for people to read. These programs are put together in source code for a processor to execute.

However, there are different programming languages ​​available. Some of them are C/C++, Java, Fortran, Python, etc. The most widely used language in robotics is C/C++ (C++ is a successor to the object-oriented language C).


Programming is gaining popularity in the present era with all of its significant benefits. It is beneficial mainly in industrial areas because of the lower oxygen levels. The above given are some of the methods of programming in industrial robots.

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