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15 Jun 2024

Reasons For Sponsorship – Some Major Requirements

Reasons For Sponsorship – Anyone actively following the Olympic Winter Games in the past few weeks will have noticed the many brands that could be seen again and again around the significant event. Be it the Adidas logo on the caps of the German athletes or the Toyota car brand. It was repeatedly seen in the background of photos. The sponsors are said to have supported the event and the athletes with an estimated two billion euros.

Sponsoring events or people, especially athletes, have become increasingly important in recent years. This particular form of advertising aims to address customers in a non-promotional environment and, if possible, to create an emotional bond between the customer and the company or brand.

Emotional Brand Positioning – Reasons For Sponsorship

Have you ever thought about the potential that, despite the wonderful nature of your product, the customer may not experience any emotional response from it? You need to provide consumers with a compelling reason to select you over your competitor, even though there are definitely many great items out there.

Customers will remember you and your company in the future, whether consciously or unconsciously, if you support a successful event. Who knows? Maybe the positive energy is still present. Given that they now connect you with something exceptional, perhaps the next time a customer will choose your product over that of your competitor.

There Is Also A Positive Example In Our Company

For example, Rewe Nord has been sponsoring Radio Hamburg’s Top 800 for seven years, which takes place yearly at Easter and ends with a big event. Here, Radio Hamburg listeners can submit their music requests online and in Hamburg’s Rewe stores over several weeks and receive prizes sponsored by Rewe through participation. In addition, Rewe is on-site at the event with its pagoda tents, where visitors can take part in face painting and look for Easter bunnies in the hay. In addition, Rewe Nord is present on the stage with a similar sponsorship appearance.

Social Acceptance

Sponsoring can increase your corporate image enormously. Athletes’ funding is risky here since their corporate image is strongly linked to the success and image of the athlete, the team, or the club. However, if you are successful, you will receive positive reactions and gain social acceptance. However, as you will be seen as jointly responsible for the success. Sponsorship is, therefore, a communication tool, and public relations work for your company at the same time.Social Acceptance

Targeting – Reasons For Sponsorship

A significant target group can be reached with sports sponsorship thanks to its high reach and popularity. However, sponsoring is not only possible in sports, but in the most diverse areas of our society. These include, for example, culture, science, and social affairs.

The advantage of the different areas is that you can address your target group explicitly or, for example, through sports sponsorship, reach the masses. These options allow costs and target groups to be precisely defined and the wastage significantly reduced.


Many companies have problems filling vacancies with qualified employees. Sponsoring can enhance your brand image and make your company better known. As a result, potential applicants are more likely to notice you, and you can select the most qualified applicant from many applicants.


Companies mainly sponsor sponsors, be it for events, individuals, or clubs. There is often a large main sponsor and more minor secondary sponsors at more significant events. However, there can also be only one sponsor.

For the sponsor, this means he can show himself without the competition being in the immediate vicinity. For example, if you sponsor the traffic news from Radio Hamburg, your company name will be mentioned outside the classic advertising block. It is how you address the customer in an environment. He has not already heard the advertising messages of three of your competitors.


Reasons For Sponsorship – Furthermore, you can act as a sponsor for a competition that we develop in consultation with you . In addition, which represents the perfect link between your company and our listeners. Or you can become a sponsor of one of our off-air events.

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