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15 Jun 2024

Remove Blackheads – The Proven Methods To Clear Skin

Remove Blackheads – If you ever wonder how to remove pimples? You are not alone. It is one of the most common skin problems and the most worrying. I have had to fight with the annoying spots that have ruined me for more than a day until I went half crazy applying 200 different products only got worse.

Pimples or blackheads are usually more common in oily or acne-prone skin, but that does not mean that just because you have dry skin, it will never happen to you. It’s like a lottery that nobody wants to win, but you know it’s always there.

How To Remove Pimples Fast

If you have an important event, an appointment, or want to get rid of an annoying pimple and make it disappear as soon as possible, some tricks can help you.

Try them and find out which one works best for you for those days when you haven’t been able to prevent their appearance. To help you, I order them from least to most effective according to my case:

Toothpaste Or Ice

It will only reduce the inflammation but will not make it miraculously disappear. Apply the ice for a few minutes or a small amount of toothpaste on top of the granite for half an hour and remove it before applying makeup.

Tea Tree Oil

Apply a small drop of oil to the granite before going to sleep. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so it will help speed up the drying process of granite, but don’t expect miracles either. You can find it on Amazon.Tea Tree Oil

Salicylic Acid – Remove Blackheads

Don’t worry; it has nothing to do with aspirin. This acid is very effective in drying pimples faster and can even be used as a preventive treatment as it slightly exfoliates the skin helping to keep it cleaner. Like tea tree oil, we should apply it at night since it gets along severely with the sun. I recommend the salicylic acid from The Ordinary brand, the best I have found on the market due to its quality/price ratio.

Drying Lotion

Here we have the winning horse if you want to remove pimples quickly and effectively. It is the most used by celebrities (in fact, if you follow Kylie Jenner, you will have seen her using it). Although it is a little less economical than the previous ones, it is very effective, and the container will last you half a lifetime. You have to apply a fair amount of product with a cotton swab on the granite, and voila, bye-bye pimple.

How To Permanently Remove Pimples?

Now that we have already explained how to remove pimples when you have an emergency, we will deal in detail with the topic of how to prevent them and get rid of them or at least make the damned pimple just something anecdotal and unusual.

To Eliminate Pimples, We Must Attack On Three Different Fronts

Getting rid of pimples will not help us instantly apply anti-pimple creams or lotions cons. In many cases, we will only make the matter worse. Let’s go there then with what you should not do if you want to get rid of pimples

Habits Of Life

It does not mean that you spend the day pouring bleach into the bag, but rather that you keep in mind that cleaning pillows or towels used for your face or makeup brushes may be harming you. Change or wash them very often, and you can reduce the chances of their appearance. On the other hand, avoid constantly touching your face or wearing your hair very close to your face since the generated grease could worsen the problem.


Dairy products, poor quality chocolate (the one that is not pure and industrial), junk food, saturated fats, drinking little water, etc., are some things that can worsen the condition of our skin.

Cosmetics – Remove Blackheads

If you have a closet full of anti-acne products of all brands, shapes, and colors, I have bad news… you can now throw them all away. Anti-acne products only manage to dry out the skin excessively, eliminate the skin’s protective barrier and give bacteria a free pass to roam freely on your fried skin based on products full of alcohol (alcohol such as that from wounds, not drinking).

The Best Way To Remove Blackheads

Combining all these tips will help you radically change your skin without exaggeration. As I told you before, it is a matter of attacking from different fronts, but if you control the lifestyle habits I mentioned earlier and combine them with these products, you will see how your skin changes completely.


A few years ago, I read an interview with Victoria Beckham where she commented that her dermatologist recommended that she eat wild salmon once a day due to its high content of Omega 3 to eliminate her acne (surely you also remember photos of the Spice Girl with 200kg of makeup to hide your pimples) and seeing the results, we can only be clear that it works. We will need to obtain supplements with good quality oily fish. The best I’ve tried are Omega 3 capsules from Perri cone MD. I know the price seems high, but it is the difference between getting results or continuing with the problem forever. In addition, you can do an intermittent treatment, something more intensive at the beginning, and then maintenance when you see that your skin needs extra help.

Collagen Supplements For The Skin

Although collagen does not directly link with acne, it is directly linked with the state of the skin and its hydration and regeneration. If you have marks on your skin and have been damaged by anti-acne products, it can be constructive to start treatment with a collagen supplement once the acne subsides so that your skin goes from a dry and crushed appearance to a skin bright and juicy. Who doesn’t want to have skin like this? The collagen must be marine and of high quality. For this, we can trust, for example, Rejuvenated and its delicious Beauty Shots.


Remove Blackheads – Removing pimples can consist of short-term solutions or those that will make us get rid of the problem in the long term. I explain both so that you find yourself in the situation you find yourself in and have resources. Oils are not harmful to acne-prone skin. On the contrary, they are going to be your best ally.

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