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21 Jul 2024

Supplements – Are They Relevant For Men And Women?

Supplements – In principle, similar requirements apply to the intake of micronutrients for men and women. Still, you should be aware of important differences based on female body composition. For example, women have lower energy requirements than men. In addition, hormonal factors also play a role when taking dietary supplements. Therefore, supplements are suitable for both sexes, but a sure instinct is required when selecting.

For this reason, note that women benefit from a supplemented diet just as much as men. Nevertheless, the micronutrients and their optimal dosage differ greatly from each other. Creatine is a good example of this. For men, it is one of the classics. However, women can also benefit from it, although this does not apply to every athlete. Would you like support with this? We are happy to help you at Fithrend to select the right nutritional supplement for you in an optimal amount.

What Distinguishes Boosters, Protein, and Creatine?

The market for dietary supplements is substantial. Thus, the decision is not simple. Boosters are pre-workout supplements that provide you a rapid energy boost. They aid, for instance, in maintaining your exercise routine when following a diet. It makes no difference if you cut back on calories or carbs—these supplements have a revitalising and boost-to-performance effect. It is because of the components it contains, like green tea extract, guarana, and caffeine. This combination also allows you to master less effective training periods.

In addition, there is another type of training booster. They are not intended to invigorate your organism, but to improve your blood circulation during muscle building and your head-muscle connection. If necessary, make these products about 20 to 45 minutes before your workout.

The supplement known as creatine or creatine is currently the most researched dietary supplement. It replenishes your body’s ATP reserves after intensive training, even without an additional oxygen supply. In contrast to the booster, you must consume three to five grams of this supplement daily to promote muscle growth. Some athletes swear by an intake phase of six weeks. They then pause the daily intake of creatine for the same period. However, it is impossible to generalize whether this interval makes sense to you. To date, it has not been adequately verified scientifically.

Selecting The Right Supplement

Regardless of how long you take it, creatine is a dietary supplement that supports you in the long term during training. On the other hand, boosters are quick jokers that give you new energy before your training session. In addition, creatine promotes blood circulation in the muscles, which means that it quickly reaches the muscle cells. It supports your performance as well as your muscle tone. And what about protein? Protein is an essential nutrient. It also applies to non-training days. However, make sure to take whey proteins or whey before your workout.Selecting The Right Supplement

Multi-component proteins, on the other hand, are best taken afterward. The latter is our recommendation because the muscles are still heavily supplied with blood. Thanks to it, the amino acids contained in the protein reach your muscle cells faster. Accordingly, you can accelerate your regeneration phases. In any case, remember to drink enough liquid when taking it.

Which Dietary Supplements Are Essential For Muscle Building

The supplement market is big. It is, therefore, not easy for athletes to select the right micronutrients. Another difficulty at this point is determining personal needs. After all, not only the sporting goals differ from each other. The physical requirements of ambitious athletes are also never identical.

For this reason, you should always consider what you need before you make your choice. So, how should your supplement support you? You are then welcome to decide with us at Fithrend which micronutrients are right for you.

However, it is also good to know that you can take various supplements regularly, regardless of your preferences and goals. For successful muscle building, this is vitamin D, for example. Protein is also indispensable for this. Also, consider L-citrulline or L-arginine. They ensure your desired muscle pump, while promoting your blood circulation and metabolism. If you also want to do something good for your body, you can rely on probiotics, astaxanthin, or grass juices. It’s not just us at Fitündig who are happy to recommend bitter substances. They ensure optimal digestion and utilization of the nutrients in your food.

You Should Take These Supplements Every Day

You Should Take These Supplements Every Day

The right supplements will help you maintain an active lifestyle and better body composition. In addition, they support the functions of your organism, provide you with new energy and strengthen your immune system.

They offer you further advantages. It includes, for example, the reliable supply of your body with the correct amount of vitamins and minerals. It can often not be achieved with processed food. Many foods are also sprayed with pesticides. At the same time, it is difficult to meet your physical needs for fat loss or muscle building without a supplemented diet. In short: Dietary supplements are your versatile sparring partner during your workout and beyond. Which supplements should you take every day for this reason?

Omega-3 fish oil, magnesium, and multivitamins as key nutrients are good examples. ZIn addition, zinc, and digestive enzymes also help you be more active daily.

Cellulite? How You Reduce Them Thanks To The Right Dietary Supplements

Although many people have cellulite, it is not a special condition. Rather, healthy and firm skin is required. You can achieve them by taking the right supplements. Finally, the micronutrients supply your skin with vitamins or minerals that cannot be absorbed in sufficient quantities in any other way. Vitamin A, vitamin C, biotin, and zinc are recommended to reduce cellulite. They are proven to help maintain healthy and firm skin.

But it doesn’t matter whether you want to get your cellulite under control or want to maintain a generally healthier lifestyle: we at Fithrend will accompany you on your way. After all, we are more than just your gym. It is how we keep an eye on the big picture for you: train, relax and feel at home with us. So test our exclusive offer for you now.


The first step should be for you as a woman and, of course, as a man, to find out how your actual needs are made up. Which bottleneck do you want to compensate for with the help of your supplement? It is then necessary to check their effectiveness. Creatine and caffeine, for example, are known to be effective supplements for most women. In contrast, supplements such as glutamine in female athletes have had little success in most studies. They showed little or no effect.

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