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23 Apr 2024

Setting Up Business – The Major Notes

Setting Up Business – Have you always enjoyed traveling with a suitcase and backpack? If you get the travel fever again, you will come into contact with many new ideas. So why not simply use the input for a business idea?

More than a million people leave Germany every year. Some go abroad to look for a new job. But, on the other hand, as a founder, are you drawn to faraway places? With a particular affinity for travel, the term digital nomad suits you quite well. As a travel blogger or virtual travel guide, you become self-employed.

The challenges quickly multiply if you want to be more and set up a real start-up abroad. If you do not want to be one of the more than 1.5 million people who, according to the Federal Statistical Office, moved to Germany in 2018 because of a failed start-up, you must prepare the start-up meticulously.

Setting Up Business Formalities – It’s That Easy

Emigration is an issue for you. Finally, a change of scenery and working where the rest of the country vacations – which sounds very exciting at first, can become stressful. However, it is now relatively easy for you within the EU, as the idea of ​​freedom of movement makes it much easier to set up a start-up abroad.

Especially in the USA, Australia, and South America, nobody was waiting for you as a founder. So anyone who thinks they are being carried on their hands as a young entrepreneur from Germany urgently needs to work on their attitude. In the end, the same laws, rules, and regulations apply to you as to all other founders abroad.

Visa And Co. – Observe The Legal Framework

So what to consider? Before the first practical start-up preparations, determine which legal framework conditions must be met. An example is the USA. There is a widespread belief that founding a company can be very easy here.

For some aspects, this may even be true. Because a special visa is required to stay in the USA as a founder – for which quite strict rules apply – founding a company in the United States is challenging.

Every company founder informs himself at home about the formalities and papers required for the foundation. It often involves:

  • The Business Plan.
  • The Target Investment Amount.
  • Visa Formalities, Etc.

Many countries want founders not only to be able to feed themselves. One of the government’s goals is to create jobs, which can put the financial expense to the acid test.

Simply Research Online – Prepare The Foundation

Founders can now find out online about the rules for sole proprietorships or GmbHs. The same now applies to setting up a company abroad. Before packing your bags, we strongly recommend doing online research. Many pitfalls and hurdles cannot be fathomed out in Germany this way- perhaps even cleared out of the way.

Nothing would be worse than sitting in the USA or New Zealand and letting weeks go by – simply because the suitcases were packed entirely unprepared. In this way, you not only find out which rules have to be observed when founding a company or which type of company is particularly suitable.

Forms can be filled out online – which can significantly shorten the start-up phase. Attention: There may be jobs that you are not allowed to do abroad without an official permit. Designers or IT consultants are unlikely to have any problems. However, working as a lawyer abroad is likely to be much more difficult.

Now You Need An Account

The foundation preparations also include thinking about payment transactions. The situation can be different abroad. You can estimate what a business account brings with the Penta account models.

Access is accessible online, and payment cards can be used and connected to accounting software. Such features especially prove to be very helpful in building the business.

Background: Via such an interface, data from banking can be transferred very quickly, which considerably simplifies bookkeeping. In addition, all payments can also be linked to receipts.

Whether you can still open a business account in Germany or only when you set it up locally depends on the terms and conditions of the banks.

What Else Is There To Consider?

It happens repeatedly: Founders have an idea while on vacation and spontaneously take action. Within a few weeks, the business is raised into a holiday paradise—a hazardous way. Keep a few essential points in mind.

Foreign Language And Mentality

If you find a company abroad, you will constantly be confronted with a foreign language and a foreign mentality. Wanting to found a company in Spain without speaking a chunk of Spanish is more than just a sport.

Business Plan

As in Germany, a detailed and well-founded business plan is a sign of success. Moreover, the concept can convince financing partners and help you considerably in the start-up phase.

Finance With Buffer

When founding a company abroad, something can always go wrong. So don’t overstate the plan. Without a buffer in the financing, there is a risk of severe difficulties.


Setting Up Business – One TV format suggests that setting up a business abroad is very easy. Do you have your bar on the beach in mind, or maybe a food truck? Founding a company abroad offers potential – in both directions.

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