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23 Apr 2024

Summer Care Routine – Best Tips To Repair Face And Body

Summer Care – With summer about to end and the body is resisting the possible excesses that, more or less, has committed during these holidays -larger meals, going to bed one night without removing makeup, or exposing yourself to the sun more than it should be some of the common mistakes.

Follow these simple tips and make tuning more effective and easier! So that the return to the city is much healthier.

Forget Makeup For A Few Days – Summer Care

It was one of the great “discoveries” during confinement, and its benefits are so varied that we should do it at least once a month. Of course, not wearing makeup, even for a short period, is the most effective way for the skin. However, we must not forget that makeup, no matter how organic and natural, is still external products to the skin; therefore, leaving it free of these will keep it vital and juicy. In addition, you will avoid clogging pores, and if you are prone to having pimples, you will notice how they decrease considerably in a few days.

Never From Your Daily Cleaning Routine

The fact of not wearing makeup is not exempt from not cleaning your face daily. On the contrary, cleansing and moisturizing it, morning and night, are two mandatory requirements to maintain complete facial hygiene and further enhance the benefits of not wearing makeup, since it will be on these days when the skin will be cleaner and therefore will absorb all skin care products in an even way. More efficient.Daily Cleaning Routine

Use Specific Products Daily

Night masks, eyelash oils, or specific hair masks are some treatments you should include in this detox routine. In addition, if on a day-to-day basis we cannot use certain items such as lip balm because our lips are already painted or a serum on our eyelashes when we have our eyes made up, take advantage of these reset days to apply them whenever you want.

Do A Complete Facial Cleansing

Whether at home or in a beauty center, the best way to complete these extra-facial treatments is to have a facial cleansing that includes exfoliation, blackhead extraction, pore cleansing, and a nourishing mask. Your skin will be completely clean, and by not having to apply makeup the following days, its “detoxification” will be complete.

Natural Nails – Summer Care

Painting our nails has become an essential beauty gesture for many of us to the point that we do not recognize our own hands when we leave them natural. And there is nothing more beautiful and pleasant than well-groomed hands and colored nails. However, it is convenient to let them breathe from time to time since the products we normally use for maintenance -especially if we wear them permanently- can damage the cuticle and weaken the nail. The best? Leave them natural for a few days, taking the opportunity to apply specific treatments such as repair creams and hand masks. They will stay soft and 100% repaired!

The Hair

No dryers, hair straighteners, lacquers, or foams. Let your hair regain strength and shine without applying any care product other than shampoo + mask. Further, by using natural products that do not contain sulfates or parabens and letting them air dry. You will notice the difference.

Take Advantage Of Natural Resources

Sea water, salt, beach sand, or fresh air are beneficial natural resources for our bodies. Taking a good swim at the beach will clean your nails and earring holes and help heal if you have any small open wounds, and take sand from the bottom of the sea and gently exfoliate your feet or arms to be soft and free of small pimples. In the mountains, the height and the air are super beneficial for cleaning impurities. Please take advantage of these last days of summer vacation so that your body connects with nature and absorbs all its benefits.


Summer Care – The premise is very simple: it is about doing a beauty detox applied to the parts of the body and face that have suffered the most during the last two months, giving them a well-deserved rest and letting them breathe and “detoxify” in the most natural way possible.

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