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18 May 2024

Morning Routine – Best Ways To Begin A Day

A new morning routine can help you face the new day with a more positive attitude. It significantly impacts how you feel for the rest of the day. So today, we want to give you eight ideas for your new morning routine. Decide which one suits you best, because there is no such thing as the perfect morning routine. Anything that feels good is allowed!

Why You Should Integrate A Morning Routine Into Your Everyday Life

We, humans, strive for security and continuity. We get this through the daily routine, i.e. actions that become a habit through repeated repetition. A good morning routine should motivate you and give you a positive start to the day. Use the time to devote yourself to your needs and health after getting up. It is how you increase your well-being and your energy level. A lousy and hectic morning will be foreign words for you in the future!

Start The Day With A Positive Affirmation

Positive thoughts in the morning are the basis for a fulfilling day. Affirmations are short, positively worded sentences you want to follow throughout the day. They are easy to remember and individually tailored to your situation. For example, they can be:

  • I love and appreciate myself for everything I am.
  • I respect myself and take care of my health.
  • I love challenges and master them successfully.

You will quickly notice that these small messages will positively influence your daily thoughts and actions!

Switch To Airplane Mode More Often

The smartphone is often the last thing we touch before bed. And the first thing we do in the morning is to turn off the alarm clock and then get bogged down in social media. It is better to use this valuable moment after getting up for yourself than to follow the lives of others on Facebook, Instagram and Co.

To avoid stress and sleep disturbances, you should switch your cell phone to flight mode in the evening. Only activate it again when you leave the house. If this step is too radical for you, you can set a specific period in which the smartphone remains offline. You will soon notice: the habit makes the difference!

Support Your Body With A Glass Of Lemon Water

Immediately after getting up, your body is still in the detoxification phase. You can support it by drinking warm lemon water every morning. Fill a glass with still water and the juice of half a lemon and pour some hot water over it. The alkaline lemon juice filters out the toxins in the body and stimulates digestion – a genuinely healthy morning routine!

Use The Time For Meditation

One of the most popular morning routines is meditating. You don’t have to plan a lot of time for this. A five or 10-minute morning routine is sufficient at first. The important thing is that you focus entirely on yourself. Meditation not only helps you to reduce stress and organize your thoughts. Regular meditation has also been shown to help with sleep problems or depressive symptoms and relieve pain. By the way, there are excellent guided meditations for beginners.

Write Down Three Things You Are Grateful For Today

The conscious experience of gratitude makes you happy – we want to take advantage of this when developing our morning routine. So write down three things every morning for which you are grateful today. It can be, for example, an upcoming appointment with an old friend, an illness that has been overcome or the bright sunshine that makes its way through your window.

The gratitude journal sharpens your awareness of positive things throughout the day, lowers your stress level and increases your well-being.

Make Yoga Part Of Your Routine

When we sleep, our muscles are in rest mode. To get our limbs ready for use again, we usually automatically stretch after getting up – and feel how good it is for us! You can start the day feeling good with a few targeted yoga exercises and wake up without coffee. Stretching in the morning relieves tension and stimulates blood circulation – for us, one of the best morning routines.

Take a walk

Every child knows that exercise is essential for maintaining health. In reality, however, we spend far too much time sitting, leading to back pain and other unsightly symptoms.

You might even be able to fuse this with your commute – for example, by getting off the bus one stopover earlier than usual and walking the rest of the way. The fresh air is good for you, puts you in a good mood, and awakens tired spirits.


A successful morning routine helps you start the day full of energy and joie de vivre. The mindful practice offers you an orientation and increases your quality of life. Get inspired by our eight ideas for a good morning routine, and find out what you enjoy the most. Ideally, the morning routine should be tailored to your needs.

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