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21 Jul 2024

Sponsorship – A Perfect Way To Set Business

Sponsorship – Until a few years ago, you were sponsoring was almost exclusively common practice in sports. Today, this unique form of marketing is present in nearly all areas of social life. Especially in connection with influencers who use social media, YouTube, and Co., there are entirely new possibilities for sponsors. In this article, you will learn how sponsoring differs from traditional advertising, what advantages it has to appear as a sponsor, and what you have to consider.

What Is Sponsorship?

Sponsoring promotes individuals, groups of people, organizations, or events. The funding can be of a non-profit or commercial nature. The sponsor provides the sponsored party with a market-oriented benefit. It consists of financial resources, material resources, services, or a combination. In return, the sponsor receives the right to be named, product placed, or advertised. In the context of sponsoring, performance and consideration are provided.

Types Of Sponsorship

The best-known type of sponsorship is probably sported sponsorship. Prominent examples are jersey advertising, for which advertising companies spend up to several million euros per season, or commercials during breaks in live broadcasts.

There are also other forms of sponsorship

  • Art and culture are sponsoring: Instead of sales promotion, the focus is usually on positive effects on the image, which the company hopes to achieve through sponsorship.
  • Social and environmental sponsoring includes services to non-profit institutions, projects, and facilities that promote social interaction, environmental protection, or development aid.
  • Party sponsoring differs from party donations, in which the service-providing company is named in the context of thanks. The goal is to exert some influence on politics.
  • Science sponsorship, in which research projects are financed by companies, not in their direct interest. In return, a sponsoring company is mentioned by name, for example, as part of a thank you from the scientists.

Goals In Sponsorship

Various marketing goals can be served with sponsoring. At the reach level, the reach of the media work of the investment is particularly relevant. An excellent price-performance ratio can be achieved here with an intelligent strategy. The space of the supported item thus indirectly benefits the sponsor. Therefore, in many cases, the value of the sponsorship is based on the media reach.Goals In Sponsorship

A direct link to sales and revenue targets is only the case with sponsoring if the visitor can commercialize services related to the sponsored party. But, again, this isn’t easy to map. Therefore, this target dimension is not usually the focus of support.

What Advantages Does Sponsorship Offer?

Companies faced with whether they should sponsor a specific project or support another company or organization naturally consider the benefits they can derive from it. After all, sponsorship also costs money. Accordingly, it is essential to consider how your own company can benefit from such an approach.

The Main Advantages Of Successful Sponsorship

Projects and events with sponsors are often reported in the press, increasing awareness of the sponsoring company. Moreover, with the help of sponsoring, target groups that would otherwise be far away are often reached. Because: even if support is a type of advertising, the related projects are often not perceived as classic PR. On the contrary! Instead, the company that sponsors has the opportunity to improve its image and thus show itself from a particularly positive side.

Sponsorships are also permitted in areas where it is forbidden to advertise.

Another aspect that should not be neglected regarding a company’s profit is that expenses in connection with sponsorship can be claimed for tax purposes. It means – that the respective amounts are assigned to the operating costs and thus ensure that the tax burden decreases.

What Challenges Or Disadvantages Can Arise In Connection With Sponsoring?

While the benefits associated with sponsorship are compelling and varied, there are some downsides and challenges to consider regarding this type’s financial support.

However, it also represents a particular challenge that although it is possible to cultivate an image with the help of successful sponsoring, measuring the success associated with the support is difficult.

The Sponsoring Process – Step By Step

The Sponsoring Process – Step By Step

Businesses that have decided to sponsor a club, another business, or a specific project should plan their venture well to maximize success.

Before doing so, consider the following

Who / what do I want to sponsor? Look for clubs or projects that match your corporate values ​​and whose fans represent a relevant target group for you.

Which concept best suits my expectations? Consider whether you only want to support a specific event or whether you are looking for a long-term partnership.

What consideration is desired? As a rule, for example, it is expected that sponsored sports clubs wear the supporter’s logo on shirts or jerseys or display the brand on the boards.

How long should the sponsorship last? Of course, if it turns out that both parties benefit from the cooperation or support over time, there is nothing wrong with extending the contract.

Generally, the more sophisticated and detailed everything is planned, the better. At the same time, however, both parties should be flexible enough to make changes within an existing contract – as long as they serve the overall purpose.

Modern sponsoring is not subject to any standards. On the contrary! Instead, it is often the individual concepts that are particularly popular. However, regardless of the period over which sponsorship is to extend and the amounts involved: both as a sponsor and as a recipient of monetary benefits, it is essential to be clear about your expectations in advance to be optimally prepared for the relevant negotiations to go.


Sponsoring can also provide added value at the target level of interaction. For example, integrated hospitality services offer the opportunity to promote customer loyalty and contact maintenance in the B2B environment.

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