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15 Jun 2024

Black Face Mask – The Benefits It Provides To The Skin

Black Face Mask – The black cover is one of those cosmetic booms that appear from no one knows where and all the brands are starting to make their own. Of course, we have also encouraged ourselves to try them and tell you what our experience has been and if they are worth it or not.

What Is The Black Mask?

The black mask is quite famous in Korean cosmetics as it helps to clean pores and fight acne. However, the black mask owes its color and texture to its main ingredient, charcoal. Therefore, the format in which they present is as a mask in cream format and also in the “peel off” version that has become so famous.

The black mask in peel-off format has a liquid form at the beginning, but once it is applied, the skin becomes a thin layer that looks like a black mask and that we will have to take off as if it were a strip of wax to remove hair (but very delicately). , no jerks).

It is assumed that when the strip is removed, it will remain slightly attached to the skin and drag the impurities from the pores as they stay connected.

Does The Black Mask Work?

It is effective in its cream formats, allowing it to penetrate the pores and remove them with water. It cleanses the skin’s surface and leaves a small amount of carbon in the pores that help absorb excess oil.

In the case of the black mask in peel-off format, I do not find its benefits. Removing it is annoying since it stays very stuck to the skin, and I have not seen that on any occasion it left the skin cleaner or removed the dirt from the pores… at most, it has removed the mini-hairs from the surface of the skin but the pores… more or less the same.Black Mask

For me, the black cream mask (the traditional mask format) leaves the skin soft, with a healthy tone, and also the benefits on your skin are not only momentary, as in the case of some masks with a flash effect, but also the effect of charcoal Helps absorb excess oil and prevent acne breakouts.

If your skin is more oily, I recommend using it a couple of times a week if it is normal, dry, or delicate, better once a week or every ten days.

Where To Buy The Black Mask

In the case of the black peel-off mask, you can find many brands on Amazon by following this link.

If you wish to follow my advice and opt for the cream formats that I think will give you the best results and will not be so aggressive with your skin, I leave you the list of my favorites of all the ones I have tried (which are not few) with options for all quotes:

  • Origins Pore Reducing Charcoal Mask – Origins is one of my favorite mask brands, and it sure won’t disappoint you.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Purifying Irish Mud Mask: A delight for the senses. A luxurious mask that will save your skin
  • Purifying Himalayan Charcoal Mask from The Body Shop: The cheapest option of all, and it will also last you a good season.


If you wish to look flawless, everyone must look after their skin. Many possible ways help your skin in regeneration and provide a glow. However, a black face mask is one of a kind that removes tan. In addition, there are many other benefits.

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