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23 Apr 2024
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Diet For Dogs – The Proper Care Of Nutrients

Diet For Dogs – The better fed our pets are, the better their health. It is reflected in his hair, his joints and his skin. Whether pets or farm animals, they require the correct food intake to be healthy and strong. For this reason, we are talking about feeding dogs so that you know their importance and you can enjoy them for longer. Keep reading or get professional training with the Master’s Degree in Veterinary Nutrition.

What Is The Correct Diet For Dogs?

Our dogs eat almost better than us because their food is evaluated and controlled at a nutritional level. From all the constant research that veterinary nutritionists do, the ingredients in their meals have improved a lot.

Currently, there is an incredible diversity of feed at different prices. Also, there is a wide variety of foods that fit the nutritional needs of each pet. It is so because these combinations of ingredients are prepared and formulated by expert veterinarians.

The first thing to know which dog food is correct is to read the labels on the packages to find out what foods make up a said product. As well as its quantity or percentage of content.

What Is The Best Dog Food?

Nowadays, all the croquettes for dogs or feed are complete. Professionals study the ingredients they contain, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. The origin of each product is what makes the food more expensive.

For this reason, it is superlative to focus on labels and prices that are affordable for each one. Although there are better feeds, and generally, the cheapest ones are of lower quality, it must be considered that a more digestible meal is better absorbed. It causes the stool to be smaller.

In addition, some modern research indicates that dog food is purchased according to its needs. That is, for liver problems, and kidney, among others. It will help pets have a better and longer quality of life.

Dog Feeding Prohibited – Diet For Dogs

Now, if you are one of those who feed your dog human food, if it is not something you do every day, nothing happens. But if you give it often, keep in mind that this makes the dog fat and does not have adequate nutrients. Also, it is very significant to know that there are foods that harm them. For example:

  • The Chocolate
  • Dairy Such As Milk Or Cheese
  • Avocados
  • Grapes And Seeds Of Certain Fruits
  • Onion, Garlic, Leek
  • Nuts
  • Chicken Bones And Liver
  • Sugar And Yeast
  • Caffeine And AlcoholDog Feeding

Despite this, the best thing to do when in doubt is to ask and go to the vet. This professional will provide you with the most appropriate guidance and advice so that you can acquire and give the best dog food.

Diet For Dogs And Care

It is imperious to put yourself in the hands of professionals when we refer to the health, well-being, feeding and care of our dog. Let’s keep in mind that not all of us have the exact nutritional or sports needs. It happens the same with our dog. We believe that we have everything resolved just by going to the clinic and buying a good feed. It is the first step to taking care of your diet. Still, it is also convenient to inform ourselves about the nutritional content of the feed we will buy or food we will prepare for our dog. A dog that exercises regularly will have higher protein needs than a sedentary dog. We must also be concerned about the amount of food he eats in each feeding and how much time passes between one.

A dog with a robust intake of calories and protein that does not exercise will not only gain weight easily, but will try to burn off that extra supply of energy at home and appear hyperactive. Suppose we have time and we like to cook. In that case, we can provide our dog with the necessary nutrients, starting by preparing BARF or ACBA food. The acronym in English is Bones and Raw Food ( Bones and raw food ) or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a natural food diet that eliminates balanced foods. If we decide on this type of diet, we must know well what food is suitable and in what quantities.


The diet of pets must be balanced; for this, it is necessary to avoid providing them with human food remains and certain harmful foods. Otherwise, they could suffer health problems, digestive problems ( indigestion or indigestion, gastroenteritis, colitis, ulcers) and obesity, which are later difficult to eradicate.

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