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18 May 2024

Express Makeup –  Quick Ways To Get Ready Faster

Express Makeup – You are expected not to have time to get ready daily because you must fulfill other responsibilities. The routine is so fast that there is no moment to take care of the image. For that reason, if you like to put on makeup but don’t want to waste so many hours on it, we explain how to apply express makeup. And if you’re going to learn professionally, check out our Main in Personal Shopper.

What Is Express Makeup?

A classic party makeup with smokey eyes can take you about 45 minutes; a natural one you can do in fifteen minutes. With the express makeup technique , you’ll be ready in less than seven minutes.

This type of makeup is of the natural kind that seeks to enhance the beauty of the face but without protruding any part over the other. Try to apply some of the makeup base products evenly over the entire face.

Express Makeup Tips

Knowing how to be ready in a few minutes will save you a lot of trouble. So, to begin with, we recommend you cleanse your face with a toner and use moisturizer as the base of your makeup. You must use one that suits the needs of your skin. It will hide minor imperfections quickly and easily.

Next, we explain the steps to do an express makeup.

Makeup Base

After you have moisturized and cleansed your face, apply small amounts of foundation. Spread it well with a sponge all over the face and unify where there are imperfections. If you prefer a lighter texture, choose a loose powder and apply it with a thick brush on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

Liquid Or Powder Concealer

The next step is to use concealer and spread it by tapping it with your fingers around the lower eye area. Try to make the concealer one shade lighter than your skin so as not to darken your eyes.

You may prefer to put on the concealer first and then the base. It does not matter. Just making sure that both are well spread.


For the eyes, you can use a light shade to give a discreet and daytime touch to express makeup. Now, if you’re short on time, use the blush on your cheekbones to add a touch of color to your eyelids. And if you want to add a fine liner on top of your lashes, put on the eye pencil that matches the shade of the chosen shadow.

Express Makeup Mascara

Then apply mascara, both on the upper and lower lashes. Open your eyes extensive and lift your chin as you put on your upper lashes. You are gliding the brush from root to tip for proper coverage. Also, rotate the applicator, so they don’t stick together.

You can use a natural effect mascara, but not more than one coat, so it doesn’t look too heavy.


For hydrated lips, you can put on cream the night before. You can make them up on the day with a pencil or a neutral or matte color stick. It will give a meatier and longer-lasting effect.

With these steps, you are ready to go out with your express makeup and look radiant.


Well, makeup needs no introduction, especially with all the girls around. It is what they all prefer the most. The type of makeup changes depending on the occasion and also the kind of region. So, the above given are some of the best tips to get ready quickly with a good look.

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